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WalCon Frequently Asked Questions.

1) Are WalCon’s building plans stamped by a professional structural engineer?
All of WalCon’s buildings are stamped by a professional structural engineer.

2) How long does it take to prepare a building for shipment once the order is placed?
Depending on the complexity and size of the building and the need to design for special site conditions, manufacturing typically takes 30-45 days.

3) How are regional wind, snow and seismic loads taken into consideration?
Each building is designed in consideration of the average wind, snow and seismic activity conditions in the region where the building will be installed.

4) Who is responsible for unloading and installing the building at the jobsite?
Typically, a contractor working directly for the customer is responsible for unloading and installing the building. Other arrangements involving WalCon are possible.

5) What are the responsibilities of the installing contractor at the jobsite?
The installing contractor is responsible for all site work, the construction of a suitable pad or foundation to receive and support the WalCon building, the crane for unloading and positioning the building, the provision of electrical, potable water and wastewater services at the site and the connection of those services to the building, and all landscaping. Additional responsibilities may apply.

6) What services does WalCon provide at the installation site?
WalCon buildings arriving at the customer’s site are complete and ready for installation. In most cases, a representative of WalCon is at the site during the installation process to provide advice. In some cases and as may be prearranged between WalCon and the customer, WalCon personnel may participate in site work, setting the building, and weathering-in.

7) The WalCon website provides pricing information. How do I get an official price quotation?
Contact the WalCon office to obtain a signed price quotation and our Terms and Conditions relating to the sale. Only official, signed quotations will be honored by WalCon.

8) How long will WalCon honor a price quotation?
WalCon will honor a signed building price quotation for up to 60 days.

9) What does WalCon warrantee?
WalCon normally warrantees the building structure and its installed equipment for the period of one year from date of installation. Extended warrantee periods can be purchased.